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New campaign targets local professionals to “Bring Your Conference Home”

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Fredericton Tourism and Fredericton Convention Centre partner

New campaign targets local professionals to “Bring Your Conference Home”


Fredericton (October 23, 2012) Fredericton Tourism and the Fredericton Convention Centre have teamed up to create Meetings Matter, a new campaign encouraging locals to “Bring Your Conference Home”.  The campaign tool kit includes a web site, a lead-generating form and video which communicate the importance of national meetings and provide a method for locals to provide information on the events they attend. Details can be found at


“It is estimated that on average, one national association delegate creates $324.00 per day of economic impact in the city”, says David Seabrook, Assistant Director, Growth and Community Services , Manager, Economic Development, Tourism & Culture, City of Fredericton.  “The recent Transportation Association of Canada event held in Fredericton attracted more than 800 delegates and companions, and created $1.5 million of economic impact.  This new money was spent directly in Fredericton on accommodations, food, transportation and meeting space over the course of just 4 days.” 

Fredericton residents are invited to play a role in creating on-going success for the meetings and conventions market, by providing information regarding conventions or events they attend in other locations.  The professional sales staff of Fredericton Tourism and the Fredericton Convention Centre will take the information provided and communicate the benefits of Fredericton to convention organizers.


“The meeting and accommodation sector in Fredericton has a track record of working cooperatively that is envied by destinations across Canada,” say Cathy Pugh, General Manager, Fredericton Convention Centre. “The Meetings Matter campaign launch is one more example of Fredericton pulling together to create success for the entire city.”


Most national conventions rotate across the country on a pre-determined schedule of East-Central-West.  Locations for future events are typically decided 3-5 years in advance of the event.  Information provided today may result in a new event for Fredericton in 2015 or later.


“We have been encouraging residents to bring their conference home through various channels for several years”, says Seabrook. “This new program is designed to simplify participation and provide easy access for the community to reach the right people in our organizations.”


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