Fredericton Convention Centre

2015 Economic Impact Results

The Fredericton Convention Centre (FCC) generated $9.6 million in direct economic impact in 2015, as shared with Fredericton City Council on Tuesday. This marks a 12% increase over 2014 results, and represents the FCC’s strongest performance since opening in 2011.

The economic impact report, written by Mackellar Cunningham and Associates Ltd, analyzed direct and indirect economic benefits including revenue collected directly by the FCC, as well as money spent at businesses throughout the City from January-December 2015.  The impact was created by 31,500 delegates attending 253 distinct events, a 33% increase in delegate attendance compared to 2014.  Delegates attending events at FCC are estimated to have occupied 23,800 room nights in the city throughout the year.

Delegates attending national association events spend an average of $324 per day when they are in Fredericton.  With the addition of a connecting hotel next door, the FCC will have the ability to attract larger groups, increasing the spin-off benefits for local businesses. “Since the announcement of the new hotel, we’ve confirmed additional conferences in 2018 and 2019 who required the new bedroom availability” says Cathy Pugh, General Manager, Fredericton Convention Centre. “National events often have a requirement for walking-distance hotel space, and we can now meet that condition.”

In addition to economic impact, conventions and events bring knowledge and ideas to our community, providing a stage for the exchange of expertise and relationship-building that contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the city and province.

Since opening in 2011, the Fredericton Convention Centre has contributed more than $38 million dollars in economic impact to Fredericton.



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